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Implementation of the module for the planning of staff list and budgeting of personnel costs in HRB system completed at CJSC SK Providna

Press release, January 2009

Septima-Consulting has successfully completed the development and implementation of the module for staff list planning and personnel costs budgeting in HRB system (developed by AGroup Company) for Providna insurance company.

One of the most successful and rapidly developing insurance companies - SK "Providna" opted for the implementation of the advanced personnel management system HRB back in late 2007. It was at that time that the company's management decided to implement the specialized personnel management system HRB to manage one of its key assets - human resources. The project was successfully completed by Septima-Consulting employees in spring 2008.

As a result of the industrial operation of HRB software over the course of three months, the new needs relating to the use of the system have, naturally, arose at SK "Providna". These needs could be satisfied using HRB toolset and would enable the company to shift to a new level of using the information available in the system. So the decision was taken to develop an additional module for planning staff list and budgeting personnel costs and implement it at SK "Providna".

Based on the functionality of HRB personnel management system, Septima-Consulting has developed the module for planning staff list and modeling personnel expenses. The budget of salary costs and payroll taxes was calculated for the planned staff list, taking into account the dismissals, vacations and other additional conditions for the employees of SK "Providna". This block of the system takes into account planned bonuses, extra payments and the amounts of annual and quarterly incentives according to the corporate requirements. In addition, within the frames of the project the two-way interface with the budgeting system Cognos was implemented.

The project was completed within two months by the experts of Septima Consulting.

As a consequence of the completed project, in late 2008 SK "Providna" obtained the personnel expenses budget for 2009, which was as close as possible to the actual future expenses, because the calculations were done in detail, for each employee of the company.

According to Alexander Tyukhliayev, the service manager of Septima Consulting, the development of this module will enable SK "Providna" and other companies using HRB to perform the budgeting of personnel expenses with maximum accuracy and optimize management of their resources and financial flows.

About "PROVIDNA" insurance company

PROVIDNA Insurance Company has been operating in the insurance market of Ukraine since 1995.

PROVIDNA currently has a distributed regional structure comprising 25 branches and over 430 sales centers, 25 claims settlement centers, 25 medical assistance centers around Ukraine, as well as its own Contact Center. The network of the company's agents comprises more than 4600 insurance agents.

PROVIDNA offers over 60 compulsory and voluntary insurance products to private customers, small and medium businesses, companies of various industries, corporations, holding companies and financial groups.

The company's financials as of April 1, 2008: insurance payments - UAH 25.8 million, insurance premiums - UAH 87.4 million, insurance provisions - UAH 149.1 million, the authorized fund of UAH 163.6 million.

About Septima Consulting

Septima Consulting is a successful Ukrainian company focused on implementation, support and integration of comprehensive IT systems targeted at increasing business efficiency.

The priority business areas for Septima Consulting are: distribution of internationally acclaimed financial and management systems and the services in their implementation and support, in compliance with the requirements of the Ukrainian law, as well as according to customer-specific requirements. A wide product line of the software solutions offered, in particular: the HR management system HRB, the multifunctional financial system Infor FMS SunSystems and the ERP system HansaWord Enterprise enables to use the specific features of various systems to offer the most efficient solutions to our customers.

HRB solutions are currently used by more than 500 companies, in particular: the State Bank of Ukraine "Ukreksimbank", the People's Bank of Kazakhstan, the International Bank of Azerbaijan, "Capital" Bank, "Standard" Bank, Moscow Bank, Deutche Bank (Russia), Rietumu Bank, Hipoteku un Zeme, the State Insurance Agency of the Latvian Republic, Sun Interbrew Russia, Sun Interbrew Ukraine, SladCo, Unilever CIS, DHL CIS, Philip Morris CIS and other companies.

About "AGroup" Company

"AGroup" is one of the leaders in the area of HR management and automation of payroll calculation processes in Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe. The software developed by "AGroup" allows simplifying and modernizing these processes, enhancing the performance of the hundreds of organizations in 22 of the world's countries. The products of "AGroup" are one of the first localized solutions for payroll calculation and HR management in Ukraine, Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe. The specialization and expertise of the company's staff gained over the period of 15 years in the area of HR management and automation of payroll calculation processes have enabled attaining the highest level of professionalism.

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